A Bottle Full Of Messages

by Bluesy Socrateaser on Wed Mar 04, 2009 6:57 am

Glow worms oxidizing cotton like iron, illuminating deep caverns in time.
Smooth shiny legs tic-tock past the gazes as the patent finish clears the room.
A woman clings to her Whitman Sampler while rolling a two-bit piece over her fingers. Her face rises to the occasional scent of ale passing through the fabric of the place. She turns with a fluid motion, her limpid pools full of swimming sensations that never made it to shore. Reaching out for a single grain of sand, her touch sends a ripple across the waters that lay between her coastline and a message locked within a bottle that holds the dreams of lovers.
In the darkness of her sleep she reaches for the bottle, teasing it further away as it glances from her fingertips. The two-bit lost it's balance, and the Whitmans' were sampled out.
I wonder if she'll ever see home again. I'll wait at the shore.
Maybe a bottle will come my way.