The Other Dimension

by Jared Lawrence on Mon Oct 22, 2007 2:46 am

I peered into the spiraling world of oblivion. Through its potent mass I could make visible what was hidden away inside. It was as black as the purest night, it was as light as the purest day. It was void, it was profound. My human eyes could not capture its deepest components, they were made only for the vision of the tedious and repetitive features of earth. Curse my humanly limitations. May I inquire why we are ineligible for greater things? When will we ever become the beneficiary of a significant point in time?

This hole aroused me, it peaked my curiosity. At the same time I was terrified to venture through this unknown world. Only I had discovered it, and if I chose to explore its profundity then it would remain so, unfortunately. Sometimes, the greatest conflict takes place within the confines of ourselves. Sometimes, we are the solution to the problems of the world. If we can rectify ourselves, the world would follow in our footsteps.

My mind raced, it spun, it leapt at this, such a significant discovery. You see, I had stumbled upon a hollow in the ground, I had not fallen into the hollow, but I had merely been attracted through my inquiring sentiment. However, there was a risk at hand: would I make it through alive?

Crazy-yes. I have been called crazy, but a fool I have not. So it why is it people claim me to be insane? Insane people lose their minds and fall into their own insane world, but me, I have retained my mind and gained knowledge in the process. So why is it I am declared insane? Wretched fools. They know not what they speak of.

My conscience would be the one to encourage me to explore this alternative dimension, but it had also been the pessimist, the one who said I was incapable of such an enormous task. Well I say humbug to it all! Curse my disease, my mind-eating disease. I would go. I would stay. I would go. I would stay. I would go. Yes, surely this what I would do. So I stood up, still scrutinizing the hole. I took a few steps backwards, still scrutinizing the void. Then, I surged forward, and leapt into the hole. I was falling, cascading into nothing. I was chilled to the bone and swimming in heat. I decided to allow myself to fall freely, and accept the mixed feelings. I was finally at peace. But there was a disturbance, an interruption upon my joy.

Suddenly, I felt pressure on both of my arms, and I was been pulled upward against my will. I struggled to free myself from this anonymous force. It remained strong, and was still pulling me upward. It pulled enough so to remove me from the hole. I heard sirens. I heard a drone of voices in the distance. I was shut in one of their cars, and strapped to a flat table. I was still imagining the hole, I was still struggling to fall once again into its general capacity. Then I heard a voice, clear to me as the sun, "Straight to the institution men." Not the institution! I had been there before many a time, but wished not to return. Against my will I was falling to my world of insanity.