A Library

by Nocturne on Wed Jan 26, 2005 12:11 am

This room is large and bare. Too bare. The dirty, would-be white walls add to the emptiness. There is a lonely, single shelf upon which rests outdated words of fiction. The cold, brick walls are unwelcoming. The sun fancies a game of hide-and-seek with the windows (who don't play back) which, is the room's only source of warmth and cheer.
The whitish-gray floor tiles and the unfeeling ceiling lights unknowingly cooperate to create the guise of a hospital room.
The librarian's cubicle is the most inviting object in the entire room; although, it resembles a large, green cage. It makes me wonder if perhaps the librarian had the intention of keeping a gorilla to restock the shelves that he thought would be there ...
There is a strange, multicolored wall which, can only be explained by a box of vomiting crayons. The few trophies from by-gone years are waiting for just the right time to jump down upon the head of an unsuspecting victim while the eyes of a thousand trophy winning teams are always watching.