Abusive You

by Josienthepussycats on Mon Sep 06, 2004 9:14 pm

Happiness is no longer a part of me
All is left is anger and sadness
There's never a day I don't cry
And there's never a time I don't yell
But I only cry for people who don't have control
And I only yell to straighten psychos out
Every day I open that door it's like walking into hell
Having to deal with my boyfriend hitting me and raping me at night
You hear my screams outside the door
And see the marks on my bare body
I keep thinking he doesn't mean to
But I guess that assumption is no longer there
Now that he does this every minute of my life
One day he's going to put a gun to my head and kill me
And then live on doing this to every other girlfriend he has.