Big Impact

by Josienthepussycats on Wed Jul 14, 2004 8:45 pm

Everyone thought she had a perfect life
When things were actually rough
They thought she was spoiled and could get anything she wanted
When really she barely got anything
She was such a kind-hearted person
Caring for so many people no matter what the cause
Even if they backstabbed her she still was willing to help
She didn't care what they did to her in the past
It was the present and she knew she'd be only one of a kind
She listened to everyone's problems and gave her shoulder for them to cry on
She was there for them when everyone else left and she stood her ground, never backing away
She ran to those she knew she could trust
And told all her problems
There was one in particular that was just like her
Always listening to her problems no matter how dumb they were
They always calmed her down or made her laugh when she was crying
No matter what the cause that person was always there for her
They told her she deserved better with the boyfriend she had
And said she was an awesome girl
This one person made a big impact in her life
And made the person she is today
That person is the only reason she still acts the same
Being kind-hearted and caring for everyone
She runs to them for advice or just to sit and talk
She doesn't know whether this person realizes they made a big impact on her life or not
But maybe now they do.