by Sran on Tue Apr 06, 2010 6:54 pm

My heart was a dull place
Filled with emptiness and sadness
Without love nor happiness because there was no place
The cause is still unknown
Bound by chains of sorrow
The person is known
Every day in the same cell
My soul falls in the round not to be touched by grief and pain
It is even worse than a prison cell
While my heart follows his feelings for happiness but not pain
Precisely the person I never get to see again
simply said I’ll never get it over my heart
It will take another thousand years, I will keep on hoping to be with you again
I will wait years to do, I'll never give up as my heart never does
With a tear you left me behind, no reply but I keep on waiting
I still hear your voice every night
Whisper into the dark unforgettable hours
And every time I get a tear of sorrow that I have for you
I do not know what possessed me
Was it sheer stupidity or ignorance
I will never know
But one thing remains certain
You will always be in my heart
Though it takes a thousand nights and a thousand days
I will continue until you get the message
Cause you're my darling that can I promise
The tears are still running down my face, silently waiting for a message
For each SMS that I get my heart pounds a thousand times faster
I'm just focused on you I can promise you that baby
With the Lamborghini I took you at full speed
Just for you I drove through red lights and ignored cops
What you've done to me is simply unforgettable
My soul still longing for more from you
It's something I’ll always be bearing in my heart
Same as a forget-me-not flower
You’re my flower that’s for sure
I will contribute to everybody this song
Until you’ll gonna hear this song
With a love full of lust and desire for you
I’ll keep on going for your love
No matter what happens I’ll stay focused
Concentrated on you with a 100% energy
Not knowing what will happen for love
I keep on going