Love Is Struggle

by Sran on Fri Mar 12, 2010 6:44 pm

Every time I see you
My wounds reopen
My eye lay upon you
It keeps one's eyes open
While my vanes lose all the blood
My body feels like being dragged into mud
Still holding your hands like all's fine
Losing it breath by breath
Lifting you up and cherishing this myth
While bloods dropping from my wrists
Together with you I start making a love list
I start whispering in your ear
But no strength found this far
I start kissing your neck like it's a Cadbury snack
Teethes breaking in pieces with this tick
This fight for truth
Bears only gates to death
And In the name of love I will go
Cause your name wears godly divine
From all that remains
My soul shatters like Mondays rain
Figuring out what's next
Slowly I feel my heart drowning text
At last you see me disappear
Like a ghost in shadow
While my last words near
Just a small sacrifice
That I've got for you
To wake up with next to you
Knowing I will be safe
Lying in your arms
Resting on your chest
Saying I love you more