by mrsmlbj on Mon Nov 16, 2009 11:29 pm

The light through my morning window
Blinded my still sleepy eyes
The sun was glistening off the new fallen snow
And on each snowflake as it flies

The quiet was so deafening
I truly thought I had died
But then I heard a cardinal sing
And dared to look outside

The waves of snow rolled over the fields
Near the barn there was a big drift
The air was cold and bit at my face
The clouds were moving so swift

It’s been days since that morning snowfall
And we hear the ice crunch under our feet
The blanket of snow is all rumpled now
And it’s stained and not so neat

It’s times like this that I make a wish
For either spring to come real soon
Or to have another snowfall
Beneath the light of a winter’s moon