by mrsmlbj on Mon Nov 16, 2009 11:27 pm

The wind whistles through the cracks of the old farmhouse
That sits upon the hill
The moon is bright but the night is cold
There seems to be a chill

The coyotes howl from distant woods
The cows are asleep and safe from harm
The cat curls up upon my lap
We are all cozy and warm

So why is the night so scary
When all is safe and sound
Maybe because I am all alone
Away from the love I found

The miles between us are many
But the moon we share is the same
I look up at the star filled sky
And gently whisper his name

The night is not so scary now
I feel all warm inside
I remember times together
When we slept side by side

I’ll go to bed and sleep peaceful now
All cuddly warm, safe and sound
I’ll dream of him and the memories we made
And of the precious man I found