Cold Sunshine

by mrsmlbj on Mon Nov 16, 2009 11:23 pm

The winter ground is still frozen
A chill is in the air
But the rays from the winter sun
Takes away each care

The ice still floats upon the lake
It glitters for all to see
It is at this moment in time
That I truly feel free

The geese are playing their happy tune
In a small inlet bay
They flap their wings and splatter the air
What are they trying to say?

Long shadows fall across the lake
The trees sway in the breeze
The branches look so naked now
They have lost their Autumn leaves

But the sunshine promises new beginnings
All across the earth
And Spring will be here very soon
A time for its rebirth

I sit and look across the lake
And wonder what will be
Just wait a few more weeks, I think
And it will be ours for free