Trying to Help

by Josienthepussycats on Thu Oct 14, 2004 11:16 pm

I'm afraid to run to the police to get help
To help someone I love change their life
It seems foolish but after smoking weed for 7 years would you consider it just the same?
I tried to nail it into their head once but in return I was lied to
Planning to be lied to about stopping for probably the rest of my life
I called for help and told the story
And he himseld told me stories of his own
Telling me to strive to get them to stop
Just by conversation
And if that didn't help
Then to turn them into the polive to change their life around
Yeah, they would hate me for a while but in the end they would thank me
Did I do the right thing?
To call someone about this all?
Or is it a matter of time until I'm dead too?
I want to help,
But from the results,
Not like this.