End of the Line

by Josienthepussycats on Thu Oct 14, 2004 11:14 pm

Numb from all the cutting
Feeling like my arm's about to fall off
You see a cross on the inside of my arm
And you see rows of lines on the out
I cut every inch of my arm
Hoping that I get lucky and hit a nerve or a vein
Praying that the cut ends my sorrowful life
But nonetheless I'm still alive
Crying for my pathetic life to end
Wanting it to end
Somewhere out there I learned someone has it worse than me
Well, unless you've already succeeded in suicide then this is as bad as it gets
This is the end of the line
No category fits me
So I'm stuck in miscellaneous
I have a friend's birthday party to attend to this weekend
But my death will soon arrive before I can even sing "Happy Birthday" with the others.