How can I send my poetry?
Sending your writing to PoetsQuill.com is the easiest thing ever! You just have to go to the Poetry Submission page, where will get a user-friendly form that will let you submit your poetry!
Can I have profanity in my work?
No. Right now PoetsQuill.com is not accepting any kind of submissions with profanity, or any other kind of explicit content. We are doing this so this site is safe-surf, and can be rated all-ages. In the future, however, we may have a special section for poems like this.
How many poems can I send a week?
You can send as many poems as you want. Just limit yourself to 2 a day. We don't mind if you send 100. But send 2 every single day, and we will post each and everyone of them. :)
What kind of poetry do you accept?
We accept all kinds of poetry on this site! Sad Poetry, Dark Poetry, Happy Poetry, Love Poetry, etc. As long as it abides our guidelines, there's nothing to worry about!
Is there a limit on the length of my poem?
No. Not at all! Your poem can be as long as you want. Though keep in mind that if a poem is too long, people may not be encouraged to read it, therefore you may not get as many comments as other poets do.
Can I send other's people writing?
No! Posting other people's poems without their permissions is illegal, and even if you do have their permission, we don't know that. All your submissions to PoetsQuill.com should be your own, original work.
What is the waiting period to get a poem posted?
We believe it shouldn't take more than 2-4 days to get a poem posted. More than likely you will get it posted the second day after you sent your poem, but please give us time. Also, we will send you an email as soon as your poem is added to our pages, so there's no need to keep on coming back and checking.