What is this site about?
You should probably know by now (with the PoetsQuill.com name and everything) but if you want to be sure.. here is goes...
PoetsQuill.com is a poetry (though we have sections for stories and interactive stories as well) site that is dedicated to serve all poets in the net, and to help them share their writing with writers (our slogan.) Here you are going to be able to find all kind of resources for writers like you. From forums and stories, to poetry and book reviews. This place is a writer's dream!
Where can I send my writing?
If you want to send your writing to PoetsQuill.com you just have to go to any of our sections (please check the menu bar at your left for the links) and follow the instructions that are going to be given to you. Please remember, however, that if you send your writing to us you are telling us you agree to all of our guidelines, and you must follow them.

Your work takes from 2-4 days to be posted on the site (average time to review it, etc.) and we will email you when it's posted, just so you know. If you want to, however, you can send your writing to our message boards, where it is going to be posted instantly, and there's no waiting to be done.
Does it cost any money?
Nope. ALL of our services, pages, etc. can be used free of charge. We want no profit from what we're doing. However, donations are always appreciated, and if you'd like to donate, let us know!
What do you do with the information I give you?
All information that is given to us by you are not shared with third parties, and are not given to anyone else besides us. We do not have any kind of "arrangements" with other sites, of exchanging emails or anything like that, all information you submit on this site is sent to us, and stays with us.